Support for Taunton Youth for ChristTwo Taunton Youth Workers crop

Anthony (left) and Bruno (right)

In a new development for Taunton Youth for Christ, Riverside Church member Bruno Branco has been appointed as Youth Worker in October 2019. He joins Anthony Stevens in a wide-ranging role.

Bruno says, “I’m thrilled to have been appointed as a Youth Worker. I love Taunton and am so passionate about helping young people find hope and vision in their lives. It’s a joy to have a job that makes a difference to the next generation”.  

About TYFC

Taunton Youth for Christ opened in 2000 and then it mainly existed to support churches in creating exciting and engaging events but in recent years the work has increased to support youth in a wider way across Taunton alongside the churches. TYFC has now increased its work in schools, parks and runs youth clubs, breakfast clubs, Christian Unions, Lunch clubs, RE lessons, live music nights, mentoring programmes and much more. Volunteers and workers really care about young people’s lives and are about seeing hope restored where it may have been lost. Mentoring services are valuable in this process. The two youth workers, Anthony and Bruno are on hand in a number of schools to answer life questions from a Christian perspective, along with assisting in pastoral and prayer support.

The charity is solely supported by the generosity of individuals and churches across the area. The new appointment of a Youth Worker was resourced by a substantial donation at a united church gathering last year to increase mentoring hours in schools to help students with mental health.

For further information about TYFC email: Kate Solanki or Sam Burton at